What is the importance of meaningful connections? – Jon Levy

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Jon Levy is a behavioural scientist that loves to create meaningful interactions between individuals from all different backgrounds. Taking his knowledge, Jon created the ultimate space for influential people to come together and for a brief moment, take off the weight of being known for their name. Through his Influencer Dinners, Jon tries to unite people from different parts of the world and work fields to nurture better relationships. Jon is an author of books on behaviour and human interactions. He does a lot of public speaking and influential talks.

Quick Summary

What is The Influencers Dinner?

This is an experience for people from different fields to come together and cook dinner. The catch is that those people can only use their first names and not mention work. After the group sits down to enjoy their meal, everyone guesses what the other people, slowly revealing their identities. This relaxed environment creates bonds over things that have nothing to do with fame, background or money.

What are some of your favourite places and events you have been to?

Jon remembers his trip when he went to Antartica and saw the penguins as well as plunging into some of the coldest water. Other countries he talks about was Indonesia, Singapore, Sweden and Iceland. An event he was at whilst going to Sweden was the Midsommar Festival which takes place on the longest day of the year. Jon said that the spontaneous nature of the trip really stood out to him.

How are businesses adapting to covid?

Jon said that many businesses are trying to find ways to connect people. Loneliness can bring just as much harm to our bodies as cigarettes which makes it crucial that people stay connected and bond with others. Different tools like online games, ice breakers and social distanced events have been a key in many corporations that want to create a strong relationship between their coworkers.

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

People we surround ourselves with are fundamental to a good quality of life.

“People at the top are those who most often feel imposter syndrome.

Jon Levy

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