Why is it important to learn how to present yourself? – Theo Kapodistrias

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Theo Kapodistrias is an award winning lawyer based in Australia. Theo has done a lot work in the field before gaining his undergraduate degree as he participated in many different events, challenges and competitions in order to build up his CV and become an outstanding candidate for various law positions. Theo also has a company that specializes in Keynote speaking training where he explores different techniques to put yourself out there and become the best version of yourself.

Quick Summary

Why and how did you get into law?

Theo mentioned that his love for helping people solve problems was why he decided to go to into law. Law is a very competitive field and in Australia alone, he was competing with around 20,000 other graduates. Theo said that is very important to gain as much experience as possible and make yourself stand out. He participated in being a president in associations, competing in national legal challenges. All these various things made him stand out by the time he graduated and made him a whole person rather than just a student with a law degree.

What are some tips for working in a team?

Theo said that collaboration looks very different for everyone. Therefore, it is important to discuss how collaboration will look like within a certain group. After that, it is vital to establish the strengths and weaknesses of all members in the group. Theo mentioned that this takes practice, trial and error in order to find a balance between different people and how they are willing to contribute.

Why should we learn how present ourselves?

In his experience, Theo found that there was a large number of people that had great ideas but had no idea how to articulate that to the public in order to persuade that the idea is good. Theo participated in many panels all over Australia and he considers himself an expert in keynote speaking. In his courses, he focuses on teaching people to break through those walls and present themselves in a confident manner.

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Say yes to opportunities as they come.

“Our words can do a lot of damage.

Theo Kapodistrias

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