Emre Buyukkilic on how Generation Z is influencing the future!

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In our most recent interview, we were fortunate enough to meet with Emre Buyukkilic. Emre is a country advisor and works at the Investment Office of the Presidency of Turkey. As a country advisor, he is responsible with the promotion of Turkey’s investment opportunities worldwide. Currently based in Singapore, Emre speaks on the value of being open-minded and explains how important multi-cultural openness is. 

Emre’s life has seen him progress from the commercial capital of Turkey to one of the world’s leading financial cities, Singapore. Singapore is evidently a leading insurance and wealth management marketplace with deep capital markets, and as a result, Emre is responsible for utilising such a financial centre to promote Turkish interests elsewhere.

Advice for the next generation:

Accomplished, but always hungry for more. Emre is more than capable of launching a business overseas, but he wishes he knew how to run a business. He feels that he lacks the knowledge and the skills to operationally run a business. This is one piece of advice he wants to pass onto the younger generation; spend more time developing entrepreneurial competencies and an entrepreneurial mindset. He believes that this is one of the most important qualities to have when entering the business world.

Emre also wants to impart to the younger generation the importance of never limiting oneself to a single activity. It is essential to maintain market disciplinary and multi-cultural openness. It is critical to maintain an open mind in a world that is as dysfunctional as it is ever-changing. 

Emre’s outlook on Turkey’s future:

The Turkish population is one of the youngest in Europe, and the importance of the youth’s contribution to the community is second to none. Although, according to Emre, there is already a large focus on the youth in Turkey in order to provide promising futures for Gen-Z, he believes that the government must continue with initiatives to engage the younger generations in the workforce.

The rest of the world must take notice! The younger generation is the future, and while they are often overlooked and marginalised in society, many professionals, including Emre, recognise the value and importance of investing in and focusing on our youth. Before it’s too late, maybe the world ought to listen and pay attention.

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