Shaun Gold: Serial Entrepreneurship and Admitting To Failure

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Shaun Gold, currently based in Miami, is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and a guest speaker. Shaun is involved in many other things in his life which makes him the ultimate guest to give advice on finding a pathway and dealing with rejection.

Shaun started off the interview with exploring the question “What comes first?”, comparing it to the scenario of the chicken and the egg. Shaun cannot pinpoint a time in his life when everything started taking off. In many cases, an entrepreneur and the drive comes with the person, so Shaun has always had this passion and drive.

Shaun was very popular for his work in the Miami party scene. He was coordinating and hosting events of all different scales, locations and times of days. He worked in this scene for 15 years starting at the age of 17. You can find out more about his adventures and stories from the Miami nightlife through his books:

Shaun’s experiences led him to create the YouTopian Journey, which is the first comic book for mental health, self-improvement, and self-help. It is read by founders, investors, and dreamers from around the world. You can sign up to the free substack here.

  1. Don’t be scared of failure – something great might come around if you let go of the familiar. 
  1. Jump into new opportunities – don’t try to find mentors or guidance, it will come to you through networking and exploration. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…” – Lao Tzu
  1. Choose growth over safety –  being an outsider and observing patterns is very helpful to leaping in and going out of your comfort zone.

Mentioning Shaun’s writing, it is focused on entrepreneurship, building ideas and networking. In one of his books he talks about ideas and the lack of them in modern day society. People tend to box themselves and try to fit into categories that tend to not diversify themselves because they are afraid. Social media is fake and that one idea you have, can give you the life you dream of.

What piece of advice would you give to young students if you could?

Be bold! Go after what you want to go after.

‘Don’t box yourself’

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