Logistics of the Mentor Role

This session takes you through the logistics of your role as a Mentor. Including how to use our platform, our rules and regulations, commitments and the feedback system. It is imperative that you are familiar with the administrative details of our platform to ensure the operation of a healthy community of mentors and mentees.

Time Commitments:

  • Mentors have the ability to choose from 1 to 4 meetings a month based on their availability,
  • You will have control over the frequency and length of your meetings
  • While a more frequent agenda is recommended, it isn’t compulsory

Mentee Feedback System:

  • After every session with your mentee, you will be asked to rate and provide feedback on your experience.

If mentees were to miss meetings or misbehave, do leave a remark on the written feedback section. We will take this feedback into account and decide on necessary steps to engage with the mentee.