Empathy in Mentoring

Lye is a supply chain professional and coach. She has over 20 years of experience in the supply chain industry in locations such as Singapore, Aukland and Sydney. She is a successful passionate mentor and coach, focusing on individual and team development. Over her years, Lye has established herself as a team leader with an interdisciplinary and holistic approach.

In this session, Lye is going to be giving us an insight into the importance of ‘Empathy’ in mentoring and how we can practice it with our mentees.

The knowledge of a mentor is only as relevant as the ability of a mentor to relate and empathise with their mentee. In this session, we are going to dive into the concept of empathy, specifically touching on three points:

1. How to be empathetic

2. How to show empathy

3. Why being empathetic works