Emotional Intelligence in Mentoring

Adriana Sahrizan is the current CEO and founder of the Terang Organisation. She has immersed herself in a variety of leadership and mentoring roles throughout her journey as a student. Currently studying Criminology and Politics at the University of Melbourne, Adriana passionately follows the nuances of the Youth Justice System. It was this passion that inspired her to found the Terang Organisation which provides mentorship for underrepresented youths in Melbourne.

In this session, Adriana is going to be talking about the importance of leveraging Emotional Intelligence as a mentor. In addition to dissecting this concept, she will be showing us how we can use it in practise.

During Adriana’s session, we are going to get an insight into the following areas:

  1. What is Emotional Intelligence?
  2. Why is harnessing Emotional Intelligence Important?
  3. How can we leverage Emotional Intelligence?