Communication in Mentoring

Dr. Jim Van Allan is an accomplished speaker and trainer with clients across the country. He specializes in using a unique blend of audience-engagement and high-energy to make workshops and keynote speeches come alive. Jim is a Certified Speaker with The Jon Gordon Companies and has been presenting curriculum and material on behalf of Jon Gordon for over 10 years. He has conducted presentations on all of Jon’s books. He is a Professor of Communication Studies with Keiser University where he teaches Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication courses. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from the University of Florida and a Master’s degree in Communication Studies from Florida Atlantic University. Jim also has his Ph.D. in Education Leadership where he analysed the impact of professional development training based on the best-selling book ‘The Energy Bus’. The research focused on how schools and organisations can sustain a positive culture. He resides in Palm City, Florida, with his wife, Stephanie, and two boys, Brady and Brenden. 

In this session, Jim is going to be talking about how we can leverage communication skills as mentors to best engage with our mentees.

During Jim’s session, we will get an insight into 3 main areas: 

1. Non-verbal communication 

2. Interpersonal communication and listening 

3. Trust