History Repeats Itself – Angelita Teo

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Angelita Teo is the Director at the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage. Her work in the arts and culture sector started at University where she decided to change her major and chose to pursue what she truly wanted. Originally from Singapore, Angelita worked in various locations in the island city that then helped her to grow in her career.

Quick Summary

What is the importance of museums?

Angelita believes that there are two different types of museums, those that deliver to the local community and those that are used as locations for tourism. Angelita says that both have their own functions and purpose however, smaller scale museums are vital for shining light on new and young talent as they will have the opportunity to be showcased there. Larger museums are great for showcasing historical pieces and those that have a name to them.

How should the younger generation approach the issue of parents being against arts?

Angelita mentioned that she faced this issue herself when she first switched her major. In fact, she did not want to disappoint her family so she decided to keep it a secret and not tell them about her switch. She believes that the arts have always had a reputation of being good for a selected few, however, it is much broader than people imagine. She said that the best way to approach the situation is for younger parents to be more open minded and listen to their children.

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

“As a person, you should be adaptable and flexible.”

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