Life is a Classroom – Joel Hauer

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Joel Hauer is the founder of Liquor Loot, an Australian based alcohol subscription service. Joel has a background of marketing from his education at Macquarie University. After founding several companies focusing on entrepreneurs, marketing and freelancing, Joel wanted to take that experience and create a new project for himself.

Quick Summary

Having run Liquor Loot and being a successful founder, if you could start over, what would you do differently?

Joel believes that hindsight is a beautiful thing. When going into a new business and being the founder of a new company, you are always thinking about backup plans and what to do if the business does not take off. However, if he knew where Liquor Loot would be know, he would not be as concerned about taking risks and perhaps would take more time planning and launching bigger.

What are some trends you are seeing amongst smaller brands of alcohol?

Just like every industry, alcohol has it’s own selection of more “luxurious” brands with more expensive products. Joel’s business targets craft distillers that are smaller brands. Australia is a new market that is growing with distilleries for Whisky and Gin.

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t aim for perfection.

“No one will answer the hard questions for you.”

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