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Natasha is currently working at a tech magazine called TechCrunch. Graduated from Boston University, Natasha has always had a passion for writing so choosing her career path was pretty easy. She has done many internships and worked at different firms so far in her career.

Quick Summary

What are your tips on getting into a dream schools and opinion on university rankings?

Natasha recommends visiting the university before applying. Although she acknowledges that not everyone has the ability to do so, she believes that it truly helps in visualising yourself at the university and that visualisation can help a lot in writing your application. As for university rankings, Natasha mentioned that not getting into the “best” journalism school in the country was a blessing in disguise because she found joy and passion at school that inspired her. Rankings are subjective and mean nothing compared to your well-being.

How is the equality in the journalism space?

Sadly, Natasha mentioned that there is a large inequality gap particularly between men and women. She talked about her experiences with misogyny in the space and feels that there is a sense of threat that is felt by the men journalists in the tech space. Though her company does a great job with equality and practicing far treatment, individuals that work with her outside of her workspace tend to be rude and degrading.

What is the threat in “dumbing down” news?

This topic has been explored by many scholars in the journalism and media space. Natasha suggests that the sensationalisation and simplification of news can be very damaging to journalists as often there is a threat of having misinterpretation of information. Sensational headlines can be taken out of context so therefore, it is important to remember who your audience is and cater towards them depending on what kind of information they like to read. Wether it’s sensational headlines or long articles, a journalist needs to adapt to those needs and understand the audience.

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

You are your biggest competitive advantage.

“Be shameless.

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