How to live a balanced life? – Scott J Spears

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Having grown up in a small town in California, Scott Spears then moved on to serving the military at 17 years old. During his consultancy job, he found himself getting very overworked with a poor life-work balance. Scott proceeded to heal himself to now having a consultancy job that helps individuals and corporations live a better, more balanced lifestyle.

Quick Summary

What are you favourite places you have travelled to and biggest takeaway from those experiences?

Scott said that Indonesia and Tanzania were his top favourite destinations. He believes that those two places have a lot to offer for individuals to learn about. His biggest takeaway is adaptation. Scott gave himself a week to adapt to the places he visited to understand more about the culture and the people there and he takes that wherever he goes, trying to learn and adapt to different people.

What is your opinion on the army?

Scott believes that the mandatory army experience is a valuable time in one’s life. He thinks that during this age of gratification, serving your country and giving back is an honour. He wants the army to focus more on humanitarian relief rather than issues that have to o with the politics. Scott believes that is a very personal choice and he would never force this experience onto anyone.

With levels of mental health issues amongst youth rising rapidly, what are some tips to take care of yourself?

Firstly focusing on what causes these issues. In today’s world of “hustle culture” we have a difficult time finding balance. Scott went into depth about his experience with burn out and how it almost cost him his life. He also mentioned that as a society, there is a fear of talking about mental health and it is seen as a taboo subject. Through getting help, Scott truly understood the meaning behind the phrase “mind over matter”. He believes that the way to go about it is acknowledging that the issue is there, understanding but learning to let it go so that you can focus on keeping yourself happy and healthy.

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Take the time to find yourself.

“The only way you can be in touch with yourself is by being selfish.

Scott J Spears

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