Communication is Key – Lucas Steuber

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Lucas Steuber is a Clinical Business Manager at Verge Learning as well as the Director of Clinical Product and Marketing at Cognixion. Born in the States, Lucas is a linguist and speech pathologist. Working alongside technological advancements, Lucas creates devices to help with speech impairments.

Quick Summary

What was your journey like?

Coming from a family of businessmen, Lucas was navigated to do the same. He however was much more interested in tech and what is why he went into doing that at college. Having taken linguistics at college as a separate mandatory subject, Lucas had no intentions of making this his profession. However, he soon realised the power that language had. He wanted to take his studies further and got a Masters in Linguistics. After college he did work in various subsections of linguistics and speech therapy before finding his passion in neurotech and AI.

Why should we go into linguistics?

Lucas believes that language and speech are so powerful in this world. Although students tend to not like learning new languages and breaking down words to their core meaning, linguistics is much more than that. It focuses on looking at relationships between words and their meanings and how people use those sounds to deliver their emotions, thoughts and feelings.

What are some trends with the small percentage of males in this industry?

About 3% of all people working in this field are males. This is predominately because it isn’t a field most males look at when choosing a job. It is often associated with speech therapy and child behaviour. Stigmas around those professions have to be broken down because it is so much more than that. There is a real imbalance of mindsets in this sector, however, with more discovery and intertwining with different sectors, neurotech and linguistics have a real future.

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Words matter. Learning beyond the classroom, will make you a better communicator.

Language is the way the universe expresses itself.”

Lucas Steuber

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