Paving the Way – Molina Asthana

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Molina Asthana is the Vice President at the Law Institute of Victoria, Australia. Molina is on the board of Directors at Gymnastics Victoria and Good Shepard. Molina is also part of a lot of different leadership roles in Australia.

Quick Summary

What was your journey like?

Molina came to Australia after practicing law back in India. Her goal was to work in the top tier Law firms. After obtaining a Masters at the University of Melbourne, Molina started to look for a job. Along the way she was faced with many problems that had to do with equality and cultural acceptance in Australia. Many people told her that she would not be able to obtain a position in top tier firms, however, after networking and finding people she could contact, she found herself working in those big firms. Now Molina is on the board of Directors for various different companies. She works with initiatives that help fight inequality amongst cultural backgrounds in Australia, women in sport as well as equality in justice.

Why should people look into studying law?

Molina believes that law is a very multifaceted area of study. Having a law degree or at the very least, having a basic understanding of the concepts, helps an individual pave the way into various different fields of work. From management to sport, the qualities that are obtained are valuable for people of any background.

Question from our guest student, Ella Mercurio, a Law student at Durham University

Why is it important to have judicial diversity?

Molina stated that it is important in order to understand different cultural differences when it comes to serving justice to an individual. She pointed out that there are certain characteristics and upbringings when it comes to individuals and therefore, some of those unique differences can be seen as a barrier to justice if not understood. Molina said that there are many initiatives that are taking place in order to combat this inequality. From quotas to unconscious bias training, governments are trying to make judicial systems much more diverse.

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Own your heritage.

When there is no role model, it motivates me more to be the first and do something that hasn’t been done yet.”

Molina Asthana

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