Creating Pathways – Raghvi Arya

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Raghvi is a third year student at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, United Kingdom. She is currently studying Economics. Raghvi is an interesting guest on this podcast because she is so young and so successful. Being in her third year, she has done various different internships including working for Citi Bank and McKinsey. She took advantage of Spring Week during her course in order to build up her CV. She is currently a VC Scout with Open Scout. 

Quick Summary

Having done so many internships, what is a tip for standing out in CVs?

Starting her journey at 15, Raghvi got her first internships by calling and emailing companies that suited her interests and seeing if they had placements. When starting university, Raghvi used her time during summer holidays to gain more experience and make the most of her time. It is important to add experience, numbers and researching. 

What does the Tech and Business industry look like in terms of diversity?

Raghvi said that she is pleasantly surprised with how diverse the space is in terms of gender equality. She mentioned that big corporate firms are often pressured to make that change rather than smaller businesses as their cohort is not public. There are still issues when it comes to jobs in higher ranking positions. 

What has the space looked like during COVID?

She said that with the pandemic, everything obviously became online. That was a blessing in her eyes because people who had no physical access of attending or applying to internships are now able to do so. Living in St Andrews, 8 hours away from London, Raghvi had just as much access to internship positions. 

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Be curious and do what you love.

When you have more to manage, you are more likely to be more efficient with your time.”

Raghvi Arya

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