New life – Dr. Vincent Candrawinata

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Vincent is a researcher and founder in Australia who created a new design of antioxidants that can be used for humans. This is called activated phenolics, made out of apples. Vincent shared his journey of moving from Indonesia to Australia in 2008 for his Bachelors degree to continuing in the science field and creating a new form of benefiting the body.

Quick Summary

What was your journey like?

Vincent started out in his journey back in Indonesia where he was born. As he went on with his schooling life, he realized that he really didn’t see himself growing more than he already has at home so he decided to move to Australia to complete his bachelors degree. Australia being expensive to live in, Vincent wanted to finish his bachelors degree as soon as possible and he did complete it in 2 years instead of 3. Having an extra year on his study visa, he then decided to take the time to start a research program. That was the start of his journey into the field of research and science.

What are some key points for introducing a new product?

Vincent believes that as long as you follow correct guidelines, be it medical or not, the response from the public is largely dependent on the media. He said that he gives a lot of credit to the media because without it, he does not think his product would take off. Word of mouth is also very important because one person can try the product and if it works, it will automatically start a chain reaction.

Question from our guest student, Akmal Fikri Omar Farouk, student at UC Berkley

What are some things that you can bring in from our research experience and apply to business?

Vincent had two answers. Firstly, the ability to not take no as an answer. Vincent said that science and giving up, do not mix well together and neither does it work well with business. You have to be open to all kinds of set backs and failures until you finally get to get the result you want. Vincent’s second answer was more comedic and he said that the ability to stay awake helped him get where he is now!

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Whilst it’s good to be an important person, it’s even more important to be good person.

“It’s not your job to make people believe in your dream.”

Vincent Candrawinata

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