Chain Reaction – Lye Yee

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Lye Yee has done many things in her life. Lye is a supply chain professional which means that she works in managing and understanding all areas of the supply chain including logistics, purchasing and movement control. Lye Yee grew up in Singapore and went to New Zealand for her studies. 

Quick Summary

What inspired you to want to go into the supply chain? Was it always on your mind or did you ‘fall’ into the industry? What is the supply chain and the insights into the field and its operations? 

During Lye Yee’s Masters studies, she worked in many jobs from all different fields. Her journey began during her part time jobs when she realized that she had a true passion for organization, planning and coordination. She then followed her passion to work in Sydney and from there, back to Singapore where she truly blossomed and became a master in her work. 

Supply chain management is the process of creating goods and services from scratch to then deliver to the customer. It’s not only warehouse logistics. It’s also research and customer service as well as delivery. It’s important to look at where you are based as it will be very different from place to place. The industry you work in will also have a role to play in how you manage the supply chain.

When you are faced with a problem and you have a task at hand to solve it, what is your signature move to solve that issue?

Lye Yee often goes back to the very famous, 5 why root cause analysis. This allows for a steady analysis of problems. Lye brought the example of an issue at work where it is smarter to approach the situation and break it down further before jumping to solving it. Sometimes there are root causes that are out of people’s control and there is no good way that works for everyone, to approach it. 

Having worked in different fields and holding different positions, what are some consistent transferable skills that could be applied to most areas? 

No matter what environment you are in, systems, technology and processes are easy to learn and apply. When it comes to people, you need to give time for a relationship to develop. Relationships are always a two way street and you need to learn how to respect and understand a person. To be successful in an environment, the three universal things to think about are yourself, others and problem solving. 

From the perspective of a leader, what would suggest is the best way to monitor and track that every part of your team is living up to their potential?

When you try to maximize potentials, you are also faced with an issue of having too many leaders and not enough team players. It is important to keep people grounded and understanding that without a different member, there is no success. When coaching, Lye asks what the team member wants to get out of the experience and how she can help. She also asks how an individual can feedback their knowledge to the team. It is important to have the two aspects as parallels. 

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Know yourself, understand your values. Have the courage to be who you are. Respect yourself and others. 

“Leave as many doors open as possible.”

– Lye Yee

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