Living Life For Yourself – Michael Huskii

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Michael Huskii is founder of Asian Heritage Ay You as well as Valyou Xchange. Asian Heritage Ay You is a media production company which empowers Asian community leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs and risk-takers to celebrate Asian Heritage Month in Australia. He is also a current board member of Shoebox Ventures. 

Quick Summary

What inspired you to want to go into entrepreneurship? Was it always on your mind or did you ‘fall’ into the industry? 

Self discovery was a journey that Michael embarked on as he started to plan out his future to see where it will take him. As a creative individual, Michael pointed out that it was important for him to map out and see what his true potential was. It wasn’t a linear journey and had ups and downs. Being a young CEO is an inspiring role to be. Michael mentioned that being part of Generation Y doesn’t quite define him as he believes he is very mature and equipped well to have all hands on deck when it comes to building a business. 

As somebody who understands the tech world and built a business by being proficient with technology, could you suggest what we should be using and leveraging to grow our generation?

Everyone is given the same tool, Michael says. The most important thing is to investigate and find patterns of what is successful. Learn who your target audience is and who you want to market to. With platforms such as Wix, WordPress and Squarespace, it is a matter of educating yourself. However, you should always take a step back and think about what you are chasing and what you are trying to ideally work towards.  

Trying to find your lane and what you are passionate in can sometimes be tricky. However, you were able to do so with Asian Heritage Ay You. What made you want to go into that and take on that role within the cultural sphere? 

It all started when Michael worked as a music provider for a conference in the US about Asian Heritage there. Michael was then approached by a colleague who suggested that he try and advocate for Asian Heritage in Australia. Being a little apprehensive at first, Michael had to think back to his life as being an Asian born in the West. Coming from an Asian background, he had to overcome stereotypes and his family’s expectations and do this for him. He wanted there to be a platform where people of Asian backgrounds could explore themselves in creative jobs, one’s that maybe did not have the support of their families.  

Ways we earn money has changed so much over the years with the introduction of cryptocurrencies, ect. How does the music artist stock market work? 

A stock market is a portal where people online can present their money, invest that money into different companies and hope that the company is successful so that the share price can go up and you make money back. The music stock market is essentially the same thing, but instead of companies, you have artists that people can invest into. 

If you could leave the youth with one piece of advice, what would it be?

Look into what you are interested in and figure out if that is something you want to be in. 

Instead of analysis paralysis, keep doing things until something says no.

– Michael Huskii

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